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Facial Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Acupuncture
Facial rejuvenation and Cosmetic Acupuncture works on ancient East Asian principals to help turn back the clock and slow the ageing process down. It can help to deal with unwanted effects from ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles, areas of skin discolouration; it can also help to increase the elasticity of the skin as well as promoting collagen production.

Rather than just treating the skins surface as seen in more recent cosmetic procedures such as micro needling, and acid peels or relying on injecting fillers and botox, facial rejuvenation acupuncture employs the use of traditional methods such as cupping therapy, Gua Sha and Korean Auricular Therapy. It offers a more natural approach to the ageing process, as well as being able to turn the clock back on some of the changes that have occurred.

What is cupping therapy?
Cupping therapy is the use of gentle suction cups predominantly on your back, (although they can be used on other body areas) to activate the acupuncture points and their properties without the use of needles. They encourage the movement of blood and oxygen to help revitalise and invigorate the muscles and surrounding tissue.

What is Gua Sha?
Facial Gua Sha is an ancient anti-ageing technique which uses a Gua Sha tool and acupressure dermal roller. The gua sha tool is used in rhythmic strokes to massage, smooth and apply gentle pressure to the skin to release stagnation, muscle tension and tightness in the face. This is used to target less defined lines and wrinkles, and prior to all treatments to extend the effects of any treatment.

What is Korean Auricular Therapy?
Korean Auricular Therapy (or KAT) is a microsystem utilised by some acupunctuirsts where by all areas of the body are represented on the ear, and as such any treatment can be administered via the ear. Within a facial rejuvenation treatment magnets would be applied to the part of the ear that represent the face, with the aim to extend the life of the effects of the rejuvenation treatment.

Full facial rejuvenation including body and facial needles
The treatment will begin with Traditional Chinese cupping therapy, where cups are placed on specific points on your back. This is a relaxing experience that will help to prepare your body for the facial rejuvenation, as well as help to extend the life of the effects. Body needles are then used on your arms and legs, to help relax and revitalise you, as well as offering your body the chance to regain its natural balance from within.

Traditional Gua Sha facial massage is then completed, aiming to bring blood and oxygen to the face, eyes and neck; this also promotes lymphatic movement to target any puffiness that might be a problem.

Hair fine needles will then be inserted into specific acupuncture points on your face that will target specific areas, and properties such as colour correction, regaining elasticity and collagen production. As well as using acupuncture points, smaller needles can be inserted directly into any problem areas such as crow’s feet, laughter lines and forehead wrinkles.

At the end of the treatment discreet ear magnets are then applied to help your body get the most from the treatment, and again treat the body from within.

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